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SaaS (Software As A Service) in recent times has dramatically reduced to cost of ownership for companies who are looking for adopting new software, many turnkey solutions allow new users to sign up and simply start using their services. In 2018 we built our BEAM engine not as a software service but a fully extensible API service to allow users to integrate to our system not just use the tools. As stated in 2019 by this TechCrunch article API's are the next big SaaS wave, so how does that help you? BEAM is a complex engine that engages users with products, the core technology is built around user metrics and predictions leading to postmortem analytics, self scoring of accuracy and self learning to tune the system for more accurate results. In short, this works on a user by user basis testing different cohorts and measuring or learning about behaviours of users to improve how it then treats similar cohorts. The BEAM engine is the backbone of our platform Alpaca, a customer retention system aimed at delivering most valued content to users via the most likely response channel possible


What is ECRM? To be honest, an invention of mixing CRM (Customer Retention Managament) with "Engagement" and like many things on the web the 'E' often gets linked to "Electronic", but to be fair this is not 1990 nor a Microsoft product. So ECRM and how it can help you is quite easy to explain, let us use the example of a mail list where you have one million users across the globe in different time zones and using various products. You want to keep them engaged with your platform, let's suppose a website, and you want to promote your goods or sevices to them to get them back to your site. Alpaca integrates to your data, your back-office and will use data available from your system to build profiles and mail out your list to the users at the optimal time and with the best solution from your email offers. Simple. Then you can see the results in easy to follow graphs and reports. Want to dig deeper? Then drill down charts and in depth data analysis are part of the tools as standard. All of this is built on the BEAM engine, so if you are looking to integrate this data or tool chain to an existing product the BEAM API allows you complete and seamless inclusion

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