Spanscom UK

Specialist ECRM and Retention Technology

What We Do

We make sense of the data that defines your business, taking away the need to learn several tools and reports and giving you a course of action based on your business data. Let the data tell you what your business should be doing to grow. From Analytics to social sciences we use all talents to maximise delivery of a successful plan tailored to you.

Our Guiding Principles

Privacy and user protection is at the forefront of the data story, we use data gained by fingerprinting and behaviour to build patterns that make sense to the business. We are building your roadmap to growth by helping you understand the weaker links in your digital platforms and highligting strengths so you can understand what to do.


Guidance for the clients to understand important metrics and key performance indicators in your business data and improve retention and sales


Training on tools and reporting so you can continue to grow and measure your success as your product changes and your users grow


Custom dashboards and tools to help you get specific data into view so you avoid the sales blurb pitfalls and misguided online video clips

The Team

Spanscom is a world wide company of highly experienced and skilled folks that are spread around our planet. Meet the team...

Andrew Spanswick

CEO and Founder

Jasmine Costel

Product Owner

Oksana Kvitka


Reden Miranda

Lead Architech

Eugenia Rakhmatova

Head AI/ML

Jessa Buñao

UI Designer